System description

The system offered is structured on 2 different levels and each level deals with managing different areas of the system. Each area is governed by a different control unit as follows: RTU (Management of cash desk, customer interface and maintenance interface) each distributor will normally have only one RTU, it consists of an industrial-type microcontroller that performs the following functions:
• Constant communication with the control center (via the internet);
• Management of customer recognition at the cash desk (magnetic loyalty card reading or regional service card);
• Credit top-up (coin validator management or paper money collector)
• Management of the graphic interface for customer registration, PIN code creation, contract acceptance and credit management.
• Communication with the PLC through TCP / IP for alarm management.
Central system (Virtual Server in Cloud), will monitor, configure and monitor the local control unit (RTU). It is possible to monitor several units simultaneously
The control center consists of a properly sized VPS (Virtual Private Server) that implements the following main functions:
1. Web Server - The administration pages are anyway managed through "Web Browser" to guarantee maximum portability, while guaranteeing at the same time access from any location (and also simultaneous multi-operator access)
2. Remote management software - (configuration and communication system with peripheral RTUs) The control center manages the requests coming from the RTUs;
3. Remote configuration of all
units 4. Specific website (optional) for the end customer for the following purposes:
a) Management of accounts of end customers (and registration of new loyal customers);
b) Recharge of loyal customer accounts (via PayPal or credit cards);
c) Management of passwords and PIN from the Internet and in general of loyal customer data;
d) Sending promotional messages to loyal customers;
e) Web page management.

- Standard
Website As described in the previous paragraph, the control center is supplied complete with a customer support website (with standard features as listed below). In this way, loyal customers can access their data and transactions remotely (Internet). It is also possible to top up your account via PayPal or in any case by credit card. The standard site will be provided with adequate graphics (customized on indication to be provided during the execution phase of the project). The functionalities are the following:
1. Main page;
2. Page where we are;
3. Page description of services
4. Contact page
5. Login page for maintainers, administrators and loyal customers.