Wine distributor

  • The project
    Create new sales channels, taking care and respect for the environment;
    Optimize service quality;
    Reduce management costs.
    Optimize profits.
  • Final consumers
    Users can benefit from a guaranteed quality product, easily usable and at competitive prices thanks to the reduction of packaging costs.
    Our distributors allow immediate forms of payment and are absolutely in accordance with the law, allowing the withdrawal only within the rules of the regulations in force.
    Respect people and respect the environment.
  • Wineries
    Wineries that want to complement their business with an independent business initiative by offering their product directly to consumers.
  • Commercial exercises
    Large and small commercial businesses that want to combine traditional sales methods with a new channel to promote the best zero-kilometer products in the area.
    Add to this the incentive for the customer linked to the ease of use of the product as well as the low price, with the cost of packaging being lost.
  • An eco-sustainable business
    The automatic vending machines enhance their brand through eco-sustainable trade with little waste of resources such as, for example, the low cost of transporting and recycling bottles.
  • innovation
    Product innovation consists of a new trading methodology based on the idea of putting producers and consumers in direct contact using new information systems for the management, control and verification of all working phases.