Water distributor

  • What is WAS
    WAS is an innovative vending machine for mineral water for food use
    It was created to satisfy the market demand that increasingly sees consumers prefer the solution of automatic vending over traditional sales.
    The sector research carried out shows, as in a rapidly expanding sector such as self-service sales, an automatic vending solution such as WAS is an important sales channel for food-grade water.
  • The reasons for an announced success
    Customer loyalty
    Saving Management Costs
    Increase in Revenues
    Competitiveness in the Sale Price
    24 Hour Sale on 24
    Web Service Intended for the Final Customer
    Remote Process Management
    Facilitates' Of Use
  • How WAS works
    WAS is simple, easy, fast and with instructions of immediate understanding.
    By means of a dispensing unit it supplies water for food use. The customer, finding himself for the first time in front of the WAS, will find all the instructions for dispensing both on the monitor and by means of signs.
  • How WAS works
    He will then be directed to the following steps:
    Enter the regional service card or a loyalty card
    Privacy acceptance (only on first access)
    Enter the amount in cash
    Select the desired product
    Insert your own container (or buy a reusable one if you do not have your own) in the dispensing compartment
    Select and start delivery.
  • The management of WAS
    The vending machine is connected directly to the water network, through appropriate methods of filtration, gassing, sterilization and refrigeration a high quality product is supplied at a competitive price.
    WAS has been developed in such a way that from a simple electronic device such as a mobile phone, it is possible to manage multiple machines, having constant control starting from the takings up to the product inventories, going through all that concerns customer loyalty and management.
  • The management of WAS
    The WAS is also equipped with an advanced multi-function management software which, through a web connection, provides customer care functions such as:
    customer management
    control work phases
    switching on and off internal devices
    addition of remote credit to the individual consumer
    constant management and control of product inventories
  • Production benefits
    Reduction of management costs.
    Profit optimization.
    Creation of a flexible sales channel, easy to manage and available to the consumer 24 hours a day
    Optimize the quality of the
    service Encouraging respect for the environment, thanks to efficient logistics and container recycling.