Technological innovation One of the best known dictionaries defines technological innovation as the deliberate activity of companies and institutions aimed at introducing new products and new services, as well as new methods to produce, distribute and use them ". Eno Energy is composed of professionals who have been working for several years in specialized and different sectors. In each of these individual sectors, these professionals dedicated themselves first to understanding and then to refining specific technologies, but at a certain point it was evident that that kind of innovation was running out of its potential and it was necessary to start pursuing a deeper innovation, multifactorial. And this kind of profound innovation has been the key, in the course of human evolution, for the real substantial improvements in the quality of life. This is, ultimately, both the purpose and the goal of Eno Energy. With simplicity, with humility, one "step" at a time. It was not easy to form a team with such know-how as to cover the various technological sectors of interest, which at the same time followed the same basic philosophies. The well-known proverb: "Help yourself that heaven helps you" seems to fit with the birth of Eno Energy: the effort on the part of its original creator was enormous, but it was rewarded by the satisfaction of being able to form such a heterogeneous work team in the technologies, as homogeneous in philosophies. What has Eno Energy really started to do? Special machines, technologically new customer services; in other words: innovative products. Paradoxically, the description of the specific specific real products is almost secondary to the "mission" of Eno Energy, but it is necessary to understand that Eno Energy does not intend to pursue dreams, but rather to realize concrete innovations in our lives.
Eno Energy, produces automated and telematically controlled distributors. After dedicating the greatest attention to the creation of a flexible and technologically advanced platform, of which the quality of the product delivered is a key element, so here that if the first distributors will take care of the retail supply of wine and beer, now it is It is possible to customize a wide range of distributors according to customer needs. But a good product does not automatically become a successful business. Also on this aspect, the heterogeneous structure of Eno Energy has made it possible to make the difference with respect to the other "competitors": in order to obtain approval from the competent authorities, it has had to produce and provide a considerable amount of studies on the supply procedures in the face which was finally approved for the performance of the activities. With regard to the purely technological context, in order to be able to monitor the functionality and the security levels of the service, but also to be able to orchestrate innovative automatisms, an ad hoc electronic system has been developed that integrates the control of all the components of the distributor and is constantly connected with the remote administrative center. This family of distributors is only the first product line created by the Eno Energy team. The true leading company product, in fact, is the same heterogeneity of the overall know-how, which allows to hypothesize, analyze and concretely implement other types of products, radically different in their final purpose, but with an advanced and innovative technological architecture , both for the development of internally conceived projects, and also, possibly, for third parties.